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Iron Man Vinyl

Heavyweight LP $24.99

Release Date: 14/08/2015

Discs: 1

Release Date: 14/08/2015

180g Black Vinyl

500 Limited Edition

Emmy Award winning Ramin Djawadi’s powerful, pulsating, contemporary score to Marvel’s masterpiece Iron Man appears here on black vinyl for the first time.  There has only been one previous pressing of 500 records (on red vinyl).  Produced by Hans Zimmer, the album includes the previously unreleased 1960s Iron Man Theme from the animated TV series and a bonus track from California trash giants Suicidal Tendencies.

A Side

1. Driving With The Top Down
2. Iron Man (2008 Version)
3. Merchant Of Death
4. Trinkets To Kill A Prince
5. Mark I
6. Fireman
7. Vacation's Over
8. Golden Egg
9. Damn Kid
10. Mark II

B Side

1. Extra Dry, Extra Olives
2. Iron Man
3. Gulmira
4. Are Those Bullet Holes?
5. Section 16
6. Iron Monger
7. Arc Reaktor
8. Institutionalized
9. Iron Man 60s Theme