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Legend Vinyl (Special Edition)

Double Heavyweight LP £23.99

Release Date: 30/10/2015

Discs: 2

180g Black vinyl DLP
Special Edition with New Artwork
Black Inners
Gatefold Sleeve

Ridley Scott’s 1985 cult fantasy film LEGEND famously starred a young Tom Cruise, had two soundtracks and was represented by one of the most iconic looking horror bad-guys in the history of cinema, known as “Darkness”. The original Jerry Goldsmith score was preferred by Scott and was used in the Director’s Cut (2002) including several songs: “My True Love’s Eyes”, “Living River”, Bumps and Hollows”, “Sing the Wee” and “Reunited”.

The extended version of the soundtrack makes its vinyl debut on this Special Edition release, using amazing original artwork by artist Vance Kelly, who has also designed a Limited Edition poster, released simultaneously and available from The Flood Gallery.

1. Main Title / The Goblins
2. My True Love's Eyes / The Cottage
3. The Unicorns

1. Living River / Bumps and Hollows / The Freeze
2. The Faeries / The Riddle
3. Sing the Wee4. Forgive Me

1. Faerie Dance
2. The Armour
3. Oona / The Jewels
4. The Dress Waltz

1. Darkness Fails
2. The Ring
3. Reunited